Providing detailed reviews of management and business operations

Pre-Appointment Coverholder Applicant Reviews

Pre-Appointment Coverholder Applicant Reviews

A key component of the Lloyd’s Coverholder applicant assessment is the on-site visit by an independent consultant.

We provide detailed reviews of management and business operations as well as an assessment of the applicant’s underwriting and/or claims capabilities to assist in your decision making. Each pre-appointment review is customized to meet the requirements of the client.


  • Provides you with an objective view of the applicant’s suitability and readiness to become a Lloyd’s Coverholder;
  • Identifies areas of strength and weakness in staffing, systems, policy processing and claims;
  • Each visit provides an opportunity to educate the prospective Coverholder on Lloyd’s processes including an explanation of how binding authorities typically work as well as reporting options/requirements such as Lineage.