Providing assessments and quality review services

Independent Reviews

Independent Reviews

A.M. Associates provides clients with ongoing monitoring and assessment of underwriting quality across their portfolio through the completion of online file reviews. Working remotely, our consultants will review a wide cross-section of electronic underwriting files over a time period defined by the client.

As part of the review engagement, the consultant is available for follow-up meetings with client underwriters for individual discussion of the review findings.


This service gives the client

  • a broad-based understanding of overall underwriting quality within their organization, and
  • a perspective on their individual underwriters’ strengths and weaknesses.

By working with the client’s own underwriting and quality review infrastructure, the consultant can minimize the client’s need for internal quality review resources.

One-on-one meetings with A.M. Associates’ highly skilled consultants adds a valuable educational experience to the quality review process for the client’s underwriters.