Writing property business in Canada’s high-risk earthquake zones

Earthquake Data Integrity Reviews

Earthquake Data Integrity Reviews

Unfunded earthquake liabilities are of concern to insurers writing property business in Canada’s high-risk earthquake zones, such as British Columbia’s Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island and the Eastern Earthquake Zone (Montreal and Ottawa).

This specialized service will allow insurers to establish a confidence level in the quality of EQ data entry on risks written in these regions. The review compares EQ Sums Insured shown on policy documents with EQ Sums Insured reported on bordereaux and in EQ rolling aggregate reports. Actuaries may determine what the tolerance level is for errors in data reporting but we would suggest that anything higher than 5% should be of concern, depending on the values involved.

Our standard EQ audit service includes a review of 100 to 125 risks and/or locations over the course of five days on site at a Coverholder’s office. We also offer customized EQ audits.


  • Provides key risk management data allowing you to model EQ exposures accurately;
  • Proactive risk management tool to protect the bottom line;
  • Identifies areas for improvement in data entry and reporting;
  • Identifies pricing opportunities in key EQ zones.