Specializing in unique projects

Custom Services

Custom Services

We are always interested in engaging in unique and specialized projects that draw on the experience and expertise of our team, deploying these talents to your advantage. Three examples:

  • One Day Audit: File reviews with a focus on underwriting vs. compliance (e.g., to determine if the Coverholder is in breach of limits etc.). This audit could also be considered as a follow-up to a recently completed audit or as a stand-alone risk assessment. This audit is not appropriate for new business.
  • Ongoing Audit: A review of an agreed number of files at a set interval (e.g., monthly or quarterly) with deliverables of short issue-driven reports throughout the year and a longer year-end report. This audit is ideal for multi-contract audits including large TPA audits.
  • Add-Ons: These reviews are added on to a regular audit. Additional and focused reviews and/or interviews to assess issues that are of particular concern to underwriters that may be outside the normal scope of audit.

Additional custom assignments we have taken on over the years include:

  • Review of an insurance program for a major Canadian museum;
  • Wordings comparison, review and editing following the merger of two large Canadian insurers;
  • Development of delegated underwriting guidelines for a mid-sized Canadian insurer;
  • Training of Coverholders;
  • Expert witnesses available for claims, liability and reinsurance.

For further information please contact Barbara Murray at 1-778-433-2510 or via email to [email protected]